Fixzy Assist Adds More Value To Digicall Service Offering

Providing significant benefits to our clients as a value multiplier, Digicall is pleased to announce a new partnership with Fixzy Assist, which allows us to utilise technology to improve our overall service offering.

Connecting customers to experts, Fixzy uses remote assistance powered by augmented reality.

This innovative tool bridges the visual gap between customers and contact centres, so agents can see what their customers are able to see through their smartphone cameras, visually guiding them to resolutions.

Assistance is provided to customers in three simple steps:

  1. The agent connects to the customer’s mobile phone, initiating a live session.
  2. Able to see the problem, the agent can guide the customer to resolve the issue using augmented reality features.
  3. The technician visually checks that the problem has been resolved or provides further assistance if required.

This service offers real benefits to Digicall clients and their customers.

The detection of defects is powered by machine learning, while cutting edge AI guides users, providing resolutions to the most complex issues in an instant.

The Fixzy service can be used to resolve problems in a wide range of sectors and industries.

Some of the ways in which it has already been successfully utilised include resolving issues around lost internet connection, empowering operatives in the field, and providing health and safety training for staff.

Whatever service you provide in your industry, Fixzy can make life easier for you and your customers by providing remote technical support with cutting edge AI and AR technologies.