About the Digicall Group

The Digicall Group has been delivering world-class outsourced and incident management services to our valued clients across diverse industries, globally, since 2003.

Our offering embraces two similar and interconnected disciplines, and everything we do is enabled, integrated, and improved by our best-in-class technologies, our specialised and automated business systems, and our outstanding people.

The Digicall Group

Our interdisciplinary group offering is delivered by the Digicall Group’s two sister companies. Digicall SA offers the following:

Offering end-to-end Business Process Management supported by tech-enabled systems, delivers solutions to even the most complex business challenges.

Our sister company Sigma Connected delivers the following:

Offering Business Process Outsourcing in traditional call centres environments aimed at delivering high-volume services, and solving high-frequency events.

Systems-driven and tech-enabled services involving end-to-end solutions to clients’ more complex problems.
Traditional outsourced services in a contact centre environment, where people engage in repetitive actions to sell products and solve high-frequency events on behalf of clients.

Our purpose

Digicall Group exists to improve the lives and businesses of our clients and their customers, our investors, our employees, our communities, and our suppliers. Our purpose is to generate prosperity for all beyond just financial wellbeing. For us prosperity encompasses health, sustainability, happiness, and the opportunity to thrive and grow.

Our story

The Digicall Group has been delivering world-class outsourced and incident management services to clients across the globe and across a range of industries since 2003. Our history is characterised by growth, and key steps towards digital enablement, integration, and automation without losing our focus on people and customer experience.

Our values

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for living our values, which guide our attitudes and actions and challenge us to be better every day.

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fairness | respect | care | honesty | trust