Whistleblowing hotline

All reports received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and investigated thoroughly.

We encourage all employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to raise any concerns they may have, whether it relates to fraud, corruption or any other ethical issue. Our commitment to transparency and accountability requires us to take all reports seriously.

By working together, we can ensure that our business operates with the highest standards of integrity, and that we continue to earn the trust of our stakeholders.

Thank you for your cooperation and support in maintaining our ethical standards.

Hotline details

Hotline name:Digicall South Africa Ethics & Fraud Hotline
Contact number:0800 004 005
WhatsApp number:0860 004 004
Dedicated email Address:digicallsouthafrica@behonest.co.za
SMS number:48691
Free postBNT165, Brooklyn  Square, 0075
Website & chat linkwww.behonest.co.za
Hotline details
Hotline name: Digicall South Africa Ethics & Fraud Hotline
Contact number: 0800 004 005
WhatsApp number: 0860 004 004
Dedicated email Address: digicallsouthafrica@behonest.co.za
SMS number: 48691
Free post : BNT165, Brooklyn  Square, 0075
Website & chat link : www.behonest.co.za