Digicall Group Ensures Future Growth With Streamlined Services

Bill Gates once famously described the requirements of success as being “the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react and reinvent” – and never more so than in our post-pandemic world has this statement held more weight.

Worldwide, it’s clear that the businesses with the ability to re-set their trajectories are also the ones to succeed, and the Digicall Group is no different. By pivoting, adapting, and remaining agile in our approach, we have been able to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic while showing sustained growth.

More recently, our leadership team has seized the opportunity to re-orientate ourselves and take a fresh look at our purpose, vision and strategic direction.

This process has involved a re-evaluation of our service offering, resulting in a clear distinction in the way that we are organised, namely as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Business Process Management (BPM) services, respectively.

Business Process Management

As a BPM service provider, Digicall is involved in solving complex problems on our clients’ behalf, using our advanced systems and technology to create leading-edge, end-to-end solutions.

Our core focus is on the insurance industry, including full-spectrum claims management. Our extended BPM solutions in the insurance industry include areas such as roadside assistance, emergency and assessment services.  Outside of the insurance space, we also offer BPM solutions such as:  human capital services, medical emergency assistance and customer service management.

Our expert team leaders take responsibility for efficiently delivering the full business process along with hiring, training, motivating and retaining staff members.

Beyond Digicall’s core BPM service offering, we also offer several value multipliers to our clients, including software, vehicle replacement, and business intelligence and analytics services.

Business Process Outsourcing

A subset of BPM, BPO involves operating as a third-party service provider to handle non-core, high-frequency business events in a contact centre environment. 

Typically, here, the client’s technology is used to manage and facilitate call-handling processes, and sometimes this service – which can be directed towards back or front office operations – is taken offshore to reduce costs.

As a long-term offering, a BPO service provider also onboards and trains new staff.

Our reorganised business now houses our BPO-specific solutions within Sigma Connected, which is part of the broader Digicall Group. 

A new era

At Digicall, we believe that our well-defined strategy and streamlined approach heralds an invigorating era in which we will continue to build on what we have while managing our impact, uplifting our people, and taking our business to the next level.

Our intention is clear: to become global leaders in business process management and partnership, to generate prosperity for all – and, as we realign our brand with these newly defined imperatives, we are confident in our ability to continue delivering on our promises and improving as we grow.