Scott Barrett leads NOVA Human Capital Solutions by building a strong team around him

Having spent nearly 10 years in a key leadership role in the Digicall Group, Scott Barrett’s approach is centred around one core aspect: teamwork.

The managing director of NOVA Human Capital Solutions – a Digicall company providing payroll, HR & labour law outsourcing & support services – Scott has 22 years experience in the field, specialising in payroll, taxes, human resources consulting and software solutions.

In his current position, he is focussed on expert client support, managing and developing NOVA’s most important asset, which is its people.

“My aim is to build the strongest, most experienced team possible, and then coordinate an environment in which they are able to do what they do best,” Scott says.

“It’s important to cultivate our space for innovation to take place, and if an idea is actioned but fails, we learn from it and move on. This is key to constantly pushing the envelope in relation to what we offer to our clients.

His approach has allowed NOVA to adapt quickly to Covid disruptions, resulting in several recent successes, including the launch of their virtual HR back-office solution to businesses called HR Transact™ and the launch of the hosted Sage 300 People offering to their clients.

“Our success is defined by the tangible business impact that our clients experience when engaging with NOVA, as opposed to the tick-box, administrative exercise so many businesses in our space follow” says Scott.

With a broad service offering, supported by professionally affiliated specialists in each discipline, Scott is confident NOVA will continue to offer industry-leading support to their clients.

“We are constantly evolving our offerings to meet the demands of our clients, ensuring that our engagements with clients remain current and impactful while positioning them for success through the use of cutting-edge techonology and methodologies,” he says.

“NOVA, as part of the Digicall Group, has managed to consistently and steadily grow into a significant player in the human resources and payroll services space in SA, and our vision is to grow into the industry leader.”

A hard worker, Scott also understands the need for balance. An avid cyclist who stays fit and healthy, he turns to flyfishing when he wants to relax.