Digicall Appoints New Head of Corporate Affairs

Digicall have appointed Marijke Coetzee, who brings 15 years of brand and reputation management experience to the company and is aiming to strengthen the brand’s value and reputation to ensure sustained, measurable impact on stakeholders, in her new role as Head of Corporate Affairs.

Marijke joined Digicall in mid-September and is hoping to quickly make her mark in her new role which she defines as a key link in the integration of the company’s reputation, brand and values with stakeholder value and service delivery. “My vision is to ensure integration of all the building blocks that contribute to Digicall’s ‘power of one’ ethos and to align the business internally to deliver on this in the way we act, speak, and make decisions.

“Marijke joins us after gaining significant experience in marketing, public relations and communication at a large, listed company in South Africa. As Digicall continues to grow and expand into new territories and diversifies its business, we recognize the need for improving our internal and external communication and alignment thereof with the way we position our business to external stakeholders. We are very excited to lean on Marijke’s experience to propel Digicall forward to its 2024 growth ambitions,” comments Digicall Group CEO, Ruben Moggee.

Marijke has worked in brand and reputation strategy management for over 15 years and counts the implementation of several award-winning business initiatives among her biggest professional achievements. She believes strongly in the importance of brand reputation and driving this home in every brand touchpoint.

“I joined Digicall because the innovative and fast-moving culture appeals to me and because it’s a company that is open to growth and change. The approach that Digicall has taken to both people centricity and service delivery is perfectly aligned to my own values.”

What she is most looking forward to is making a difference. “It’s not always about the big strategic moves, but often in doing the small things really well. This is how we touch the lives of our clients, co-workers, and every stakeholder of the business. Digicall’s culture that includes all of these values is what contributes to an energetic and innovative business environment and what clients and stakeholders can expect to see in our approach at Digicall in the months ahead.”