Digicall South Africa appoints Mogale Moganedi as Head of Business Development

Digicall South Africa takes pride in investing in people who share our vision to assist and serve our business partners, translating into improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.  

 To that end, Digicall is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Mogale Moganedi as Head of Business Development who joins us from Sanlam.  

“We are excited in welcoming Mogale to the family. Mogale brings a different set of skills and talents to our business, and we’re looking forward to working together,” said Digicall South Africa’s Chief Executive, Stèfan Naudé. “I expect this will be a rewarding journey taking Digicall to another level of excellence and innovation. In the short period with us, Mogale has already made a positive impact, and we are pleased to have him as part of the team.” 

With a BSc in Mathematical Science and a GIBS MBA in Strategy and Innovation, we are confident that Mogale will be the perfect fit for our people-centric culture and finding solutions that will add value to our clients. He has distinguished himself as an expert in innovation, strategy and business development. We are confident that it will be of immense worth to Digicall, our clients, and their customers that we serve.  

“Ultimately, our responsibility is to create value for our clients and make a meaningful contribution to society,” Mogale said.“I look forward to working with our clients, understanding some of their most pressing issues and collaborating with them to come up with solutions that ultimately lead to their businesses flourishing.“Of course, Business Development is at the forefront of this being the first point of contact with our clients.”

Mogale boasts more than 10 years of experience in multiple roles in various industries and functional areas, starting his career in management consulting. According to Mogale, he finds delight in empowering people and instilling faith in them to make a meaningful contribution.  

“Leaders who trust their people are often able to achieve a lot more with and through their teams,” he said. “This is largely due to people feeling empowered and being able to take ownership of their work.” Mogale believes business success is not only about maximising the bottom line but about creating value for stakeholders such as employees and the community in which the business operates. He has a passion for uplifting people and helping them become the best versions of themselves. Harnessing and nurturing talent ultimately translates into organisational success.