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Ph: +27 (0)10 211 5000

Digicall celebrates women in leadership

Joining the rest of South Africa in celebrating our nation’s strong, powerful and successful women, we are pleased to have an opportunity this Women’s Month to recognise 46 individuals in leadership positions within the Digicall Group.

As we strive to offer our clients the best specialist service solutions under one vision and ethos, the contribution made by women in leadership positions within the Digicall Group has been immense.

Women are key to ensuring the Digicall Group meets its ethos of serving people through a diverse and inclusive offering and partner network, providing bespoke solutions for our clients.

We are proud to have been able to grow and strengthen our brand by ensuring diversity in leadership, which has allowed a wide range of women to showcase their ability in executive and management positions, along with various other leadership roles.

By taking an inclusive approach has also assisted in driving our values at all levels of operation to consistently deliver our best.

Our diverse and ever-growing team has been the recipients of numerous good service recognition awards and the value offered by the many women in the Digicall Group is immeasurable.

We are honoured to take this Women’s Month to recognise the contribution and celebrate the success of our diverse approach by recognising women in leadership positions within the Digicall Group.