Claims Connect® resolves insurance claims quicker through an intuitive user interface

Being insured gives people peace of mind, but why do people panic when they must submit a claim? Often, the claims process is more painful than the reason for their claim. 

Claims Connect® offers a workflow management solution that enables end-to-end collaboration across the entire claims process. Right from when a claim is submitted by the policyholder, the fulfilment process to the finalisation of the claim, there is seamless collaboration and up to date communication with every stakeholder involved in the process. This keeps the claims process moving forward and leads to a swift resolution of claims.

Johan Erasmus, Head of Business Development at Digicall says, “The combination of a proven property estimation platform, real-time collaboration between all participants, process automation and the appropriate use of virtual technologies is a game-changer in the property claims process. In a world of instant gratification, policyholders demand that insurers and service providers make quick, accurate decisions and keep the policyholder informed about the process and progress of the claim. The Claims Connect® platform’s ability allows insurers and service providers to complement the policyholder needs, assists insurers and suppliers to reduce their cost to serve, control claim costs and have full visibility and control over the repair process. We understand that reputation and productivity is critical to industry players and Claims Connect® will deliver results for our insurers, supply chain customers, and policyholders alike.” 

Claims Connect® allows all participants access to real-time information on any device (mobile phone, computer, tablet) and any browser. The platform’s intuitive user interface makes the claims workflow easier, sends alerts and guides the user of the next steps to be taken. Confusion and duplication of efforts are eliminated, claims are resolved faster and policyholders can get their lives back to normal quicker.

In a world where time is important to Insurers and Policyholders, streamlining the claims process is beneficial to all stakeholders.

For more information, follow the link to the explainer video on the Digicall website: