How will COVID-19 impact the business continuity of your customer-facing advisors?

As the economy opens to the different lockdown levels, businesses are prioritising the new sanitation and social distancing regulations, managing their teams’ safety and ensuring the workplace policies for business continuity are in place and adhered to. Regardless of the measures taken, should there be an advisor on the contact centre floor who tests positive for the coronavirus, the operations may be disrupted and may cause it to close down for deep cleaning and for staff to isolate themselves at home. 


Low productivity, poor quality customer care and organisational reputation are at risk of damaging a brand, even more so in this tough economic environment, however, businesses that are responsive and agile are less at risk of suffering this fate. Digicall has innovated their business model to provide an effective business process outsourcing service and work from home solution. This offering gives their clients a chance to care for their staff and sanitise the workplace without the associated risks of stopping their contact centre operations. 


CEO, Ruben Moggee says, “Over the last few weeks we have experienced the impact that Covid-19 has had on our clients who had to close down large parts of their operations to perform deep cleaning after identifying a Covid-19 positive staff member on the contact centre floor. Digicall’s technology-enabled customer-centric business model can and has supported businesses during the pandemic so that our clients can focus on deep cleansing and reopening their contact centers while we ensure that their customers are taken care of.”

Closure of large businesses have been alarming during the lockdown and operational downtime should not be another reason for a company’s poor productivity and worse still, the reason for their closure. 


Despite how simple or complicated the operational need is, Digicall will continue operating a client’s business contact centre remotely by utilising data encryption services and desktop monitoring software which safeguards business data. Business continuity is not interrupted, and clients can continue with business as usual. 


70% of Digicall’s staff already work from home where they are trained remotely using e-learning platforms. The success of this lies in the technology to monitor, coach and quality assure staff remotely. This is one of the reasons why their offering can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. 


Scaling teams to any environment is no tall order because of the well-trained team of advisors who can pick up and run with various businesses without impacting the turnaround time. The seamless integration can be implemented and functioning within four hours and the client and its customers are not impacted by the transition. Digicall’s UK outlet recently engaged 450 advisors who work from home using a “Bring your own device (BYOD)” concept. These teams were trained remotely and were operational within a week.  


Digicall is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP), making them compliant to work in the banking, insurance, retail, health care and telecoms contact centres. Teams have data security policies in place to ensure that the confidentiality of clients’ technical and sensitive information is maintained.


“Planning is crucial to keep businesses running, so is delivering to their customers and keeping staff safe and healthy. Juggling these priorities can be made easier when you have a backup company such as Digicall which you can trust,” says Moggee.


Through their people, systems and technology, Digicall will maintain business continuity and quality customer care for their clients. Globally, businesses must find new ways of working as we navigate this pandemic.