Why Digicall?

Have you ever dreamt of having a career instead of a job? Do you want to join a BIG, diverse and proudly South African firm that has offices in the UK and Australia? Did you ever want to be part of a unified team that helps people when they need it most?

The Digicall Group is one of the largest, local business process outsourcing providers. Simply put, this means we help businesses (and their clients) with outsourced services such as customer experience call centres and emergency services, human resource management, debt collection and many others, all under one roof.

Our clients include blue-chip banks, insurers and many other top players who value our unified service approach that gives them the power of one company to solve all of their business process outsourcing needs.

About Us

Our sole purpose is to be a seamless extension of our clients’ brands and a trusted hero to everyone our business touches. Our calling is to assist and solve whenever we are needed.

We harness the power of technology, innovative thinking and our talented people to make sure we become a seamless part of our client’s brands and a trusted hero to everyone we serve. That’s why we emphasise a happy, productive working environment where smart, honest and strong people will thrive.

We also promote and consistently invest in diversity to help grow our talent-base with learnerships and other skills development programmes to help you become EVEN better at what you do.

About Us

Are you one of us?

We believe in the power of one; that we’re stronger together than we’re apart. We’re looking for real team players who know that doing their job with passion and ingenuity is crucial for everyone in our team to succeed. Our people are the POWER that our clients rely on in their time of need.

We look for go-getters who…
  • Are self-motivated and can work well in a team
  • Have a “yes-we-can” approach to work and life
  • Genuinely care for the people we serve
  • Keep their promises – we rely on one another to get the job done the Digicall way
  • Curious about people and the many different industry types we serve
  • Are ambitious and keen to grow into the many different parts and levels of our business – at Digicall we offer you a future – not just a salary.

Join the team and start the next chapter in your life today. We can’t wait to meet you.