Transformation and Sustainability

As a successful and sustainable business, we have the power and the resources to help bring about transformative socio-economic change, and we genuinely embrace transformation in everything we do, particularly in our relationships with all our stakeholders.

We’re passionate about managing the effect and the influence that our business has on our stakeholders and the environment through a purposeful, directed focus on transformation and sustainability.

In managing our impact on the South African socio-economic environment:
We act in accordance with a system that is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive, and cost effective, to advance economic transformation and enhance economic participation.

As a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor:

Currently, 16% of the business is directly black owned, 8% by black women, and we’re continuing to source further empowerment partners with a view to achieving a significantly increased mixed-ownership structure in 2024.

We’re continuously reviewing our recruitment process to ensure that we appropriately emphasise the appointment of previously disadvantaged individuals at all levels of management.

Codes of Good Practice govern our efforts to procure goods and services from companies with solid B-BBEE strategies and, in transforming our supplier procurement process, we’re consistently increasing our clients’ claims spend through to black-owned and black-women-owned entities as core suppliers.

We also contribute financially as well as by giving of our time to numerous NPOs, in empowering our communities and delivering meaningful support to those who need it most.

We invest in meaningful and sustainable skills development for own people as well as our suppliers and service providers.

We’re continuing to invest in previously disadvantaged individuals with high potential, in the form of management courses, leadership development, learnership programmes, improved career planning and study bursaries to fast-track the promotion of deserving candidates to senior and top management positions.

We currently have 33% black representation on our Board, which we’re committed to further diversifying.