Digital Enablement

Since 2008, SightCall has been improving the communication of world-class enterprises.

Harnessing the transformational power of AR and AI, this visual assistance platform blends the physical and digital worlds to create a collaborative environment that empowers our clients to meet challenging tasks with confidence and new insight, without having to deploy unnecessary support to the field.

In a connected, mobile-first world, businesses leveraging SightCall have the ability to see what their customers see and guide them remotely.

Virtual Mobile Technology

Key industries

  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences & Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing & Equipment
  • Power & Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Telehealth
  • Transportation
SightCall for Customer Service

Turn your contact centre from a complaints department into a solutions department. SightCall differentiates your service offering by giving your customers the ability to visually show their problems in real-time and empowering your advisors to provide fast, actionable solutions. Prevent unnecessary onsite visits, improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reduce product returns with AR-powered visual assistance.

Improve adjuster efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty.

For insurance claims, SightCall replaces onsite adjuster visits with live video, shortening the claim lifecycle and even making it possible for customers to be reimbursed during their call.

SightCall for Field Service Empowering your Technicians

As technology rapidly evolves, so do the expectations placed on field service organisations by their customers and technicians. SightCall helps you meet these expectations by connecting technicians in a virtual, interactive environment where they can see and share valuable information for faster problem resolution.

Simply trigger an SMS to initiate a visual support session through WebRTC or the SightCall app to see the issue, triage and provide remote expertise.


When implementing SightCall’s technology, customers have seen an 81% increase in first time fix success rate, eliminating the need to send a technician onsite and reducing unnecessary truck rolls.

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