Roadside Assistance

Provides prompt assistance service if your customer’s vehicle breaks down on the road or if they are locked out of their vehicle. This includes breakdown towing, accident management and vehicle storage. If the situation requires, arrange courtesy transportation and hotel accommodation for the night.


Roadside Assistance

Ensures that your customers and their vehicles get home safely by providing a two-driver team in the event that your customers have had a drink or two. Convenience drive assistance is also available should your customer’s own vehicle be unavailable but needs to get to places or home.


Roadside Assistance

The Panic SOS solution keeps your customers safe by enabling them to dial the Digicall emergency contact centre at the click of a button. Mobile technology is used to find them if they do not respond to a call-back from the contact centre.


Roadside Assistance

Allows your customers to call ahead of a long trip for advice on directions or best possible route, alerting them to potential hazards and adverse weather conditions. Emergency contacts or loved ones are also alerted if no contact can be made with the customer during the trip.


Roadside Assistance

Notifies customers when their vehicle license is about to expire, making it easier for them to renew it and facilitate the delivery of the new license to the customer.


Roadside Assistance

Makes your customers aware of outstanding fines and offers them up to a 50% reduction in total traffic fines. At the tip of their fingertips, they can request a report on outstanding fines (including those over 30 days old) via SMS or WhatsApp.


Roadside Assistance

Refunds 100% of the amount recovered from the Road Accident Fund to your customers. Claims against the Road Accident Fund are administered by experts who submit paperwork on behalf of your customers while also providing them with the necessary legal advice.


Roadside Assistance

Offers your customers efficient administrative assistance in submitting claims to the Road Agency. This includes discounted rates on the replacement of damaged tyres and rims while also notifying the concerned authorities to repair the road in question.


Roadside Assistance

Makes lawyers available to your customers anytime, anywhere in South Africa to post bail of up to R3000 for minor offenses. A lawyer is provided to assist with arranging relevant paperwork with the arresting officer.

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