lifestyle assistance

Supports your customers through the provision of a wide range of business services, including travel arrangements, sourcing of office furniture, recruitment, general information and lease agreements.


lifestyle assistance

Provides a host of key services for your SMME customers including tender notifications, an IT Helpdesk, corporate identity design and HR services.


lifestyle assistance

Shields your customers with a range of cyber security solutions. MyCyberDNA creates a Personal Cyber Security Score to keep your customer safe from fraud and cyber-crime. Cybercare4U guarantees the integrity of its cyber security products and prevents cyber-crime, fraud and identity theft. The Cyber Helpline assists your customers in responding to and recovering from cyber security attacks.


lifestyle assistance

Assists your customers with a hassle-free way of sourcing or replacing important documents such as ID’s, passports, bank cards, birth certificates or death certificates.


lifestyle assistance

Provides your customers with access to professional and qualified tutors for academic assistance and support for Grade 1 to Grade 12 pupils.


lifestyle assistance

In the event of identity theft, a contact centre agent will register your customer for the Identity Theft Monitoring service and provide information on further prevention of loss. Registration includes the updating of personal information, authenticating the identity of the individual registering and first line support for member queries post data breach.


lifestyle assistance

Advice for your customers on crucial financial services such as budgets, investments, personal tax, risk planning, and much more.


lifestyle assistance

Telephonic advice and support for your customers on legal matters concerning civil law, child law, criminal law, family law, insurance law, and motor vehicle law. This includes standard legal documents and referrals for representation where applicable.


lifestyle assistance

Guides your customers through medical crises involving pets and provides referrals to local vets, animal hospitals or clinics in the case of an emergency.

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