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Home Assistance Services

For any sudden, unexpected or unforeseen home assistance requirements, Digicall will immediately dispatch a suitable service provider to limit, minimise or prevent further damage to your customer’s home. This service covers the call out and the first hour of labour fees and includes plumbing, power, locksmiths, maintenance, general repairs, glazing, building security, tree felling, bee keeping, appliance repairs and more


home assistance

Provides your customers with day-to-day household repairs relating to electrical, plumbing, gate motors, garage doors, swimming pool pumps and more.


home assistance

The Digicall Panic SOS solution keeps your customers safe by enabling them to dial emergency services at the click of a button. Mobile technology is used to find them if they do not respond to a call-back from the contact centre.


home assistance

Offers 24-hour crisis management assistance in case of a crime or security incident by providing your customers with locksmith and security support as well as emergency accommodation following a home invasion.


home assistance

Provides security personnel to safeguard your customer’s home in case of a home invasion or incident where doors or windows have been broken and access control is not secure.


home assistance

Assists with services geared to the needs of customers who are new homeowners. Preferential rates will be supplied by our service providers for cleaning, electrical certificate verification and discounted solar upgrades. This service is complemented by legal advice concerning leases, wills, and purchase agreements.


home assistance

Provides all-round handyman services and assistance suited to all your customers’ needs, whatever they may be.


home assistance

Repairs your customers domestically used white appliances (including large electrical appliances) such as refrigerators, stoves and washing machines during a particular emergency.

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