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Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Services

Digicall provides data and analytics services to our clients by analyzing business data, compiling reports and building visual models to explain and illustrate trends and relationships hidden in vast data sets within the organisation.

We provide data and analytics services across a variety of business areas and industries to extract hidden value from raw data and provide insight to stakeholders.

This service is provided to extract value from sizeable amounts of data that are routinely generated by organisations during the normal course of business. When unlocked, the valuable information, which often remains hidden within the data, allows us to identify areas where efficiency can be improved, revenue can be increased, processes improved, and fraud detected.

Data analytics relating to fraud prevention and detection in environments such as payroll, procurement and insurance.

Analysing business processes by data gathering, data cleaning and preparation, data analysis, results interpretation, feedback reports and recommendations.

Spearheaded by highly capable individuals with extensive experience using data analytics in the payroll, procurement, insurance, anti-money laundering and anti-bribery and corruption environments.

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