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    Australian Based Client
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    15 Jul 2021

South Africa Client 3

The client currently provides services to insurers, brokers, transport companies as well as OEM vehicle brands

Industry Transport (Nationally)
Service Incident Management – Road and Home Assistance
Volumes – Cases / Jobs per month >2 000
Service Workflows Roadside Assist | Tow Assist (Accident, Breakdown, Trade) | Home Assist (Plumbing, Geyser, Electrician,
Tree felling etc) | Taxi Assist | Locksmith Assist | Security Assist
DigiFlow Modules Case Management | Vendor Management | Finance, CSI, Reports & Dashboards | Vendor Mobile Application
(IOS and Android) | Consumer Mobile Application (PWA)
API Integrations Accounting Software | Policy Validation | Consumer Mobile Application (IOS & Android)


  •  DigiFlow was deployed as an end-to-end business platform solution for the client.
  • The platform ensures a mostly automated process between clients, their customers, the operations centre and more than 400 service provider companies with a combined fleet exceeding 1 000 vehicles.
  • Unique to this client is the delegated assignment strategy, where one tenant of the platform captures the case detail whilst service provider dispatch, and job management is executed by another tenant.
  • The platform design allows for internal or external management of a hybrid model, where certain services are managed internally, whilst others are contracted to a third party or multiple third parties


  • Improved administration resulting from automation and digital administration of service providers, rates, invoices, compliance, and communication, with a direct impact on back-office costs. This was previously managed on a legacy system, excel financials and telephony dispatch.
  • Decreased agent call handling times and increased capacity, due to workflow automations with related cost savings.
  • Decreased service costs with the correct allocation and real-time monitoring of service providers.
  • Improved customer experience in terms of digital automated interactions and speed of service delivery.