Vehicle Replacement Services

My Brand Group assists the Bank or Insurer to find a suitable and similar replacement vehicle for the customer without having to re-finance the vehicle or initiate the procurement process for a new vehicle. This results in a saving to both the Insurer and the Customer, as well as aiding in the retention of the Customer for the Bank or Insurer. When acting on behalf of the OEM, we make sure the Customer stays with the brand.

The replacement journey, from notification of loss until the new vehicle is delivered to the Customer takes seven working days on average, ensuring customers are back to their normal day-to-day lives in no time


  • Considerable saving per vehicle replaced by making use of our integrated systems and processes.
  • Client retention (Continuous enjoyment of premiums)
  • Opportunity to reduce the cost of new customer acquisition
  • Saving on courtesy car hire
  • Increase of customer lifetime value
  • Outsourced post-write-off admin (MBG deals with the finance house and supplies insurer with registration certificates)
  • Gain on Insurer’s goodwill (Through customer satisfaction from
    replacement convenience and time-saving of acquiring a “new”
    vehicle without the hassle of still having to look for a motor vehicle and go through the finance application process)
  • Time saved from shopping around for a new vehicle
  • Saving the client money from having to get new vehicle financing
    and still adding on the burden of the previous shortfall they may have after the insurer settlement is made. (If the client doesn’t have shortfall cover)
  • Full franchise dealership after-sales service
  • Additional value-added products can be added (i.e. Extended
    Warranty, rim and Dent protection cover, etc.)
  • Vehicle replaced have a Service Plan/Maintenance Plan/Factory
    Warranty to mitigate any risk of mechanical concern
  • Delivery of vehicle Nationwide

How can we support you?

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