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Don’t hit a blank when things go wrong at your house or in your life! Whizzoh keeps you connected to hundreds of qualified service providers, 24 hours a day.

Service Provider

  • Assistance application available via App or Progressive Web Application.
  • Blocked drain? Faulty gate motor? Locked out of the house?
  • Whizzoh gets you out of a jam in just a few clicks
  • The perfect service provider in your pocket.

How it works?

Our platform prepares you for the unexpected. It helps you know what to do in an unforeseen incident by connecting you with community-vetted and rated service providers while tracking the process with ease. The choice is in your hands to appoint the service provider you prefer according to price, availability or quality of workmanship.


How can we support you?

  • Phone: +27 (0)10 211 5000
  • Email: