• A proven leader in the field of Plumbing Incident Management that is able to offer a comprehensive management and administration service for all types of plumbing claims, as well as solar and heat pump installations
  • Monitoring of contractor, product, performance, risk and cost
  • Administers incidents from instruction to contractor payments which includes numerous multi-party communication
  • Employs specialist technical staff with extensive plumbing and industry experience
  • Developed an innovative concept that partners and benefits the Insurance and Plumbing industries to ensure the balance between fair costs and effective service is achieved
  • Performs all related procurement functions from sourcing, training and contracting accredited installers that are registered with the PIRB
  • Sourcing and evaluation of products from historical data, and negotiates supply rates with manufacturers that translates into establishing national plumbing incident standard rates
  • Provision of comprehensive data, statistics and underwriting reports
  • Liaison with industry to ensure compliance to standards