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Ronel Coetzee

Claims and Incident Management

We experienced a fire over the weekend, with my client’s house burning down. I decided, due to the severity of the situation, to call the emergency after-hours contact centre to report the incident.

My very first contact was with a gentleman by the name of Professor who took down all my details and told me that he would escalate the matter to his supervisor, Alpheus Tebeila, due to the nature of the claim. Within minutes Professor called me back and had me on a conference call with Alpheus, who not only empathised with the situation but kept me calm on my way to the client’s house. He told me exactly what to do and what to ask to enable them to assist, and Alpheus would constantly call me throughout the process. He was there every step of the way.

I do believe that call centre staff don’t always realise the vital part they play in the broker’s life and how their support can either make or break the client-broker relationship. I would like to thank Alpheus Tebeila for his response and efficient work ethic. He was my hero over the weekend. We were busy from Saturday at around 3pm until Sunday morning at around 8.30am, and he assisted me with everything from a security guard to the towing of the vehicles out of the garage due to the fire brigade being concerned that the structure would fall onto the vehicles, and the vehicles having been unable to move due to the keys being in the fire.

He then appointed a response team, and a lady by the name of Adri phoned me from Digicall who explained exactly what was going to happen next and who she was to appoint going forward. She also phoned numerous times on Sunday morning to update me as she went along. I was then contacted by Tuis Steenkamp who does not live in Bloemfontein but had already been in contact with the local Fire Investigators and had secured an appointment with them and the SAPS for 9am on Monday morning. He then travelled at 4am to be able to arrive in time for the meeting.

I have to tell you, in all my dealings with call centres, assessors, and even Digicall themselves, I have NEVER received this level of exceptional service, and this makes me proud to be in my line of business.

I think the message I want to get across is that our industry is not always perfect but when a client is faced with a traumatic event due to unforeseen circumstances, this type of service must always be provided.
We moved together like one body all with the same goal and that was to safeguard our client. It was amazing to witness the flow.

Honestly, all we can ever ask is that everyone in our industry realises that putting our hands together is better than standing alone.