Our Timeline

First class business solutions since 2003


In 2018 Digicall expanded to provide Chauffeur, Cab and Luxury Cab services through its acquisition of Road Trip.


A subsequent 2015 acquisition included the Australian branch of International SOS, which now operates under the banner of Digicall Assist Australia.


2012 was a ground-breaking year for the business and saw our expansion into new territories, such as the addition of Nova Human Capital Solutions, to address the growing need for outsourced HR payroll related services. 2012 also saw the completion of our incident management response offering with the acquisition of two incident and emergency response businesses that became Digicall Assist SA. Another notable event is the 2012 purchase of the offshore debt collection service provider, Sigma SA based in Diep River, Cape Town. In 2016 Sigma UK, based in Birmingham and Redditch, was acquired.


2004 – 2011

Since then, Digicall has been relentless in our pursuit for service delivery excellence in many outsourcing and direct-to-consumer fields over diverse industries. Our 2004 – 2011 growth trajectory included the addition of iSmart and the well-known Fogi (now Digicall Plumbing Solutions) brands, as well as the inclusion of complementary incident management services like Digicall Claims Administration, Digicall Electrical and Mechanical Solutions and Digicall Assessing Solutions.

1st December 2003

Chairman, Altmann Allers and co-founder Willem de Clercq, identified the opportunity to help big brands like PG Glass and Glasfit with their contact centre and installation fulfilment requirements. It wasn’t all smooth sailing from the start and despite challenges, like our remote radio link systems going down every time we experienced a Jozi thunderstorm, the Digicall and glass-installation partnership thrived.