About Us

Welcome to Digicall

Whether you’re in insurance, a government body, municipality, banking, telecoms, retail or other industry, we offer our clients best in class, stringently vetted, specialist service solutions under one vision and ethos.

Our service is supported by unique technologies and people who live to exceed customer expectations and grow their client’s businesses. This approach has cemented our role as a disruptor and leader in our industry, which has allowed us to become one of the world’s best niche BPO’s.

Success lies in our commitment to innovation, technology and business transparency. Our systems enable a single view of customer’s data through a full-service solution whereby clients receive fully captured and reported incident response data.

Digicall’s ethos of serving people through a diverse and inclusive offering and partner network, provides bespoke solutions for their clients.
Our values of working SMART, being HONEST and delivering STRONG, guides all levels of operation to consistently deliver our best.

About Us

The Power of One. The Strength of Many.

In unity, there is strength. Lean on us. Our team has the power to change your business. Our goal is to improve your business. We want to be an efficient extension of your business and a champion to your customers.

If “Knowledge is Power”, we want to help you stay informed about what’s going on in your industry, and how changes and advancements in these industries may impact your business.